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I help organizations learn and market their products and services better. I am not biased to any particular marketing technique, channel, tactic or niche. I focus on the best solution to solve an issue or capture an opportunity, even if that means someone else coming in to do the work.

With over 17 years of experience and an ongoing fascination for all things marketing, I have a breadth of marketing expertise across a deep roster of clients whom I work with directly or via partnerships such as the BDC or independent communications agencies.

For me, the best way of working is hands on, roll up my sleeves and open source  collaboration with people and teams. Of critical importance is that the team learns and grows throughout my work so that they are engaged, vested and could do it themselves the next time round.

I’m also an ambassador for Hyper Island dubbed the “digital Harvard” and helped bring their master class  to Vancouver in 2013 for the first time. I speak at and moderate panels at industry association events and I write for local, national and international trade press. 

Prior to founding Eustress Marketing Coaching, I worked at a large multinational agency in various roles in many cities including Vancouver, Dublin, Budapest, Munich and London. I ran local, national, regional and global accounts and even led local office in Vancouver. 

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What's Eustress?

Eustress is a real word. It's a type of positive pleasant stress - stress that is actually good for you. Just as an athlete puts their body under some sort of strain or stress to get faster, stronger and better. The same holds true in work. A certain amount and kind of business stress is good and enables performance of people and organizations.

Eustress keeps you excited about life. It boosts your thinking, idea generation, ability to focus and thus efficiency at work.

Marketing Coach versus Consultant? 

A consultant is someone who tells you what to do, gets their cheque and then moves onward to their next gig.

A marketing coach, works with you and your team on what to do, why to do it, maps out a strategic plan on how to do it and actually helps do it. The process is collaborative, grows your marketing talent, and gains greater buy-in within your organization. More importantly the marketing coach remains engaged throughout the marketing process, not just devising the plan at the front end. The marketing coach is there to help with the adjustments that should happen with every marketing program once it is “launched”. Just as critically, a feedback loop is created with the company so that adjustments are made and  learnings are identified for future marketing strategies and programs. 

Richard Sandor - a short bio.

Richard started Eustress Marketing Coaching in September 2010 and has been working directly with a variety of clients and agencies across Canada, US and Mexico. The coaching services have included: value proposition, brand definition/position, lead generation, marketing planning, messaging, brand identity, social media, web, mobile, NPD, naming, advertising, promotions, PR and more. 

Prior to Eustress, Richard was SVP Managing Director at advertising agency DDB Vancouver. He was responsible for the Vancouver DDB operation including the creative, strategy, account management and business development groups across all disciplines. Richard served on DDB Canada’s National Executive team with specific oversight for DDB’s internet and CSR strategy and programs. During his time, DDB Canada won the highly coveted Strategy Magazine’s Agency of Year twice (2007 & 2009) and won silver (2006) and bronze (2008). 

From 2000 to 2006, Richard worked throughout DDB Europe and was based in Dublin, Budapest, Munich and London running National, Regional and Global business. From 1995 to 2000, Richard worked at powerhouse agency Palmer Jarvis Vancouver which was acquired by DDB.

Richard has served on The United Way Cabinet and the BCIT Marketing Endowment Committee. Richard was on the Board of Directors for TELDON, and a member of the BCAMA Senior Executive Round Table. He was a BCAIM Board Director for 2 years. Richard was a Judge for BCAMA Marketer of the Year award in 2010 and 2011. Richard was an Ambassador for Hyper Island and brought the Digital Master Class to Vancouver in 2013 and 2015. 

Born in Scotland and from Vancouver - Richard has a BA from UBC and a marketing diploma from McGill University. When he's not thinking marketing and hanging out with his family, he's out exploring the West Coast Mountains on a bike, skis or in hiking boots.