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I help organizations learn and market their products and services better. I am not biased to any particular marketing technique, channel, tactic or niche. I focus on the best solution to solve an issue or capture an opportunity, even if that means someone else coming in to do the work.

With over 17 years of experience and an ongoing fascination for all things marketing, I have a breadth of marketing expertise across a deep roster of clients whom I work with directly or via partnerships such as the BDC or independent communications agencies.

For me, the best way of working is hands on, roll up my sleeves and open source  collaboration with people and teams. Of critical importance is that the team learns and grows throughout my work so that they are engaged, vested and could do it themselves the next time round.

I’m also an ambassador for Hyper Island dubbed the “digital Harvard” and helped bring their master class  to Vancouver in 2013 for the first time. I speak at and moderate panels at industry association events and I write for local, national and international trade press. 

Prior to founding Eustress Marketing Coaching, I worked at a large multinational agency in various roles in many cities including Vancouver, Dublin, Budapest, Munich and London. I ran local, national, regional and global accounts and even led local office in Vancouver. 


Who should be social in social media?

richard sandor

"Should my company be managing social media or should I get my agency to manage or should I get a social media agency to do my social media?" Oh the options available to the modern marketer. I have been asked this question for a couple of years now and the answer has remained the same (even when I was agency side with a strong social media team). A good agency by all means can help you get started and provide tools, best practices and a strategic roadmap to get you going. Day to day though the brand needs to manage and own social media.

Why? Well Tom Fishburne the brilliant marketing cartoonist who does brand camp sums it up pretty well below.

As social media blurs so many areas of business - such as PR, customer care, HR, and customer service to name but a few, it is essential that brand owners take the lead and not outsource this. How to manage it is the topic for another post on another day. I get the sense that more brands are stepping up and taking ownership ( at least the more progressive ones). As brands to take their brand closer to their customers in SM, when done well they are going to listen to and gain tremendous customer insight from being so close. Insight has typically rested in the agency wheelhouse and a key currency at and so an insight shift could potentially hurt agencies.

Oh one last thought.. if you are a brand and you are doing social media. Please do it and avoid the below!

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