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I help organizations learn and market their products and services better. I am not biased to any particular marketing technique, channel, tactic or niche. I focus on the best solution to solve an issue or capture an opportunity, even if that means someone else coming in to do the work.

With over 17 years of experience and an ongoing fascination for all things marketing, I have a breadth of marketing expertise across a deep roster of clients whom I work with directly or via partnerships such as the BDC or independent communications agencies.

For me, the best way of working is hands on, roll up my sleeves and open source  collaboration with people and teams. Of critical importance is that the team learns and grows throughout my work so that they are engaged, vested and could do it themselves the next time round.

I’m also an ambassador for Hyper Island dubbed the “digital Harvard” and helped bring their master class  to Vancouver in 2013 for the first time. I speak at and moderate panels at industry association events and I write for local, national and international trade press. 

Prior to founding Eustress Marketing Coaching, I worked at a large multinational agency in various roles in many cities including Vancouver, Dublin, Budapest, Munich and London. I ran local, national, regional and global accounts and even led local office in Vancouver. 


What happened to Apple - the David?

richard sandor

I wasn’t the first one in the Apple cart. I messed about on an old Apple Computer back in the late 80s and then in 2000 through work I got an apple ibook. This was the around when Apple innovated with those colour desktop computers (purple, blue etc)

Remember - think different?

I quickly became an Apple fan and really enjoyed the ease of the OS. I bought my first ipod in early 2002 – it was a 2nd generation big white one with the carousel wheel.

Fast forward to 2011 and my household Apple inventory reads as follows:
1 Macbook
1 MiniMac
1 MacDesktop
2 iphone 3GS phones
1 iphone 4
2 airports
1 ipod touch
1 ipod shuffle
2 ipod nano ( I thought I lost one…bought one and then found one)
1 ipod big white one (not the one from 2002 but another 2005 when my 2002 one bit it)
1 apple TV
1 ipad
5 millions plugs, adaptors, other cables and Apple related bits.
I don’t want to add up the itunes and app store downloads.

The total dollar value of my contribution to Steve Jobs’ empire? I should have bought some stock. With all I have I could probably open a mini-apple store.

It is not just me that has a decent collection of Apple products. It seems everyone has lots of Apple goodies or is starting a collection. Yes Apple products are designed brilliantly and are a joy (for the most past) to use. Apple is everywhere. It is like when your favourite tune is heard everywhere – it takes some of the shine off.

Apple, that little David brand, the challenger brand, the fighter brand…is now the most valuable brand in the world according to Interbrand. Apple has officially morphed into Goliath.

There have been a number of less than flattering Apple stories in recent months that I have been keeping tabs on. (Google anyone of the below for more info)

1. Steve Jobs donates nothing to Charity and Apple has no philanthropic arm or charity group.
2. Apple phones are keeping location based information
3. Suicides in the factories making Apple –
4. E-waste issues
5. The iphone, according to apple instructions, should not be held within ¾ inch to your body.

For me, I have so much data vested in the Apple platform – I don’t think I can migrate away even if there was something more appealing. I suspect I am not alone. So I am held platform and data hostage. Photos, apps, music, games, videos etc all anchor me to Apple. This is probably just as big of a success factor as their design and ease of use.

UPDATE: With Steve Jobs iQuiting, I thought that this info-graphic/ Apple time-line from the Globe and Mail was appropriate to add here.