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I help organizations learn and market their products and services better. I am not biased to any particular marketing technique, channel, tactic or niche. I focus on the best solution to solve an issue or capture an opportunity, even if that means someone else coming in to do the work.

With over 17 years of experience and an ongoing fascination for all things marketing, I have a breadth of marketing expertise across a deep roster of clients whom I work with directly or via partnerships such as the BDC or independent communications agencies.

For me, the best way of working is hands on, roll up my sleeves and open source  collaboration with people and teams. Of critical importance is that the team learns and grows throughout my work so that they are engaged, vested and could do it themselves the next time round.

I’m also an ambassador for Hyper Island dubbed the “digital Harvard” and helped bring their master class  to Vancouver in 2013 for the first time. I speak at and moderate panels at industry association events and I write for local, national and international trade press. 

Prior to founding Eustress Marketing Coaching, I worked at a large multinational agency in various roles in many cities including Vancouver, Dublin, Budapest, Munich and London. I ran local, national, regional and global accounts and even led local office in Vancouver. 


Vancouver lands Hyper Island

richard sandor

You might have seen the news and press this week in such pubs as BC Business, Techvibes, and Strategy online that the world renown digital uber school, Hyper Island, is coming to Vancouver later this year to offer their highly regarded executive master class program.

I am super excited to partner with local agency good guy Jordan Espheter and of course Hyper Island to make this happen. I have read, heard and followed Hyper Island for a number of years now and Jordan is HI alumni. We got talking about Hyper Island at an industry event and well now it isn't talk... it is happening.

For me it's about brining a world class opportunity to the marketing community here in Vancouver to help further knowledge and talent right here. The more talent we can grow here the healthier the marketing community here.

Below is the full press release as issued earlier this week.

Hyper Island selects Vancouver for Master Class


April 29, 2013 –– Global digital education institute Hyper Island has selected Vancouver, BC, to host its highly regarded Master Class from December 4–6, 2013. This will be the first time Hyper Island—Swedish by origin—has ventured to Canada’s West Coast.

As featured in Fast Company, Forbes and Ad Age, Hyper Island’s Master Class is designed for senior executives, marketers, communicators, account managers, creatives and strategists to discover the possibilities of digital media through experiential learning. During the three-day Master Class, participants engage in a fast-paced series of presentations and collaborative workshops led by world-leading talent including members of the Hyper Island brain trust.

“Vancouver’s unparalleled natural beauty, state of the art facilities and culture of innovation makes it a natural fit for marque global events––just look at TED Conference and TEDActive. We have first-rate leaders in technology, marketing, communications and entertainment who deserve world-class opportunities to continue their digital education,” says Jordan Eshpeter from Vancouver-based web agency Domain7. “I attended a Hyper Island Master Class in New York City and it shaped my thinking about the future of technology.” Eshpeter is partnering with Richard Sandor from Eustress Marketing Coaching to bring Hyper Island to Vancouver.

Jaclyn Ciamillo, Global Partnership Director at Hyper Island, is leading the initiative from their office in New York City. “Bringing Hyper Island to Vancouver has been on our radar for some time. Vancouver’s forward-thinking leaders implemented a digital strategy that shows a profound understanding of transformative technology and its effect on business, science, lifestyle and more. Vancouver is a great example for other cities to learn from. The Hyper Island Master Class will prepare attendees to adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape. This will only fuel the excitement and possibility that already exists in the community,” says Ciamillo. Prospective attendees may contact her directly for more information about the course.

The Hyper Island Master Class is intended to raise awareness and inspire participants to create functional change in their organizations and deftly navigate the future over the course of several stages. Due to the highly interactive and immersive nature of the presentations and workshops, only a limited number of spaces are available.

About Hyper Island
Hyper Island designs lifelong learning experiences for individuals and organisations all over the world. Hyper Island is a school of higher education within the fields of digital communications, entrepreneurship and leadership, and a strategic partner to companies that want to transform their business or organisational culture. The company was founded in 1996 in a naval prison in Karlskrona, Sweden. Since its inception, Hyper Island has had more than 2500 graduates from around 40 countries. Today, Hyper Island has around 60 employees situated in New York, Singapore, Manchester, Stockholm and Karlskrona.

Jaclyn Camillo, Hyper Island
+1 631 942 8031

Jordan Eshpeter, Domain7

Richard Sandor, Eustress Marketing Coaching