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I help organizations learn and market their products and services better. I am not biased to any particular marketing technique, channel, tactic or niche. I focus on the best solution to solve an issue or capture an opportunity, even if that means someone else coming in to do the work.

With over 17 years of experience and an ongoing fascination for all things marketing, I have a breadth of marketing expertise across a deep roster of clients whom I work with directly or via partnerships such as the BDC or independent communications agencies.

For me, the best way of working is hands on, roll up my sleeves and open source  collaboration with people and teams. Of critical importance is that the team learns and grows throughout my work so that they are engaged, vested and could do it themselves the next time round.

I’m also an ambassador for Hyper Island dubbed the “digital Harvard” and helped bring their master class  to Vancouver in 2013 for the first time. I speak at and moderate panels at industry association events and I write for local, national and international trade press. 

Prior to founding Eustress Marketing Coaching, I worked at a large multinational agency in various roles in many cities including Vancouver, Dublin, Budapest, Munich and London. I ran local, national, regional and global accounts and even led local office in Vancouver. 


The Power and Pain of Smartphones

richard sandor

Ever since 2001, when I did my first mobile marketing promotion in Europe I have been fascinated with mobile possibilities. The past few years I have been working with a mobile agency, which amongst other things has been a great excuse to download and experience many amazing apps and technologies. What is possible via smartphones today is truly staggering.  And truth be told... I am probably addicted to my smartphone.

One day late last year, I had a day where I wasn’t so glued to my iphone. And probably because I wasn’t on my phone, I noticed everywhere I looked, people were lost in their phones. Some were by themselves, others with friends, colleagues or worse parents with kids. Heads were down. Eyes squinting. Thumbs and fingers tapping away. People were almost oblivious to life, space and those surrounding them. 

Soon after I came across this video that summed up exactly what I noticed. I felt a little sad for everyone. People seemed to prefer interacting with their phone when some one real and important was right beside them.

I came across more blogs and videos on the topic even a posture condition called “text neck” which results from necks curving down to ease heads close to phones. (see below).

Some predict a counter-trend to so much time hunched over our mobile devices. This funny video (sponsored by Buick of all companies) is quite ironic if watched on your phone.

As powerful and amazing as smartphones are, for 2014, keep your head up for a coffee, for a meal, glass of wine and a conversation. Live life in the moment, not in your phone.